Best Dental Crown Remover: How to Remove a Dental Crown in Under a Minute With This New Method

Best Dental Crown Remover: How to Remove a Dental Crown in Under a Minute With This New Method

You know how to remove a dental crown…but are you capable of performing a permenant crown removal in under a minute? More specifically, are you equipped to consistently remove dental crowns in less than 60 seconds without any stress or patient discomfort?

You may be thinking to yourself…that’s not really possible…is it?

It is – when you have the right tools in your arsenal. At ArtCraft Dental, we’ve developed the most effective, efficient crown removal tool. Designed by a dentist, for dentists, this method will transform the way you approach crown removals. 

Down below, you’ll learn what separates this instrument from everything else you’ve used throughout your career. To show you just how incredible this tool is, we want to start by comparing it to traditional dental crown removal instruments. 

A Brief Overview of the Traditional Dental Crown Removal Methodology

Before we can teach you how to remove a crown in under a minute consistently, we need to take a few steps back. To really set that stage and show you how impressive the Max Crown Spreader™ is, let’s talk about how to remove a dental crown traditionally speaking.

We recently discussed how to remove a temporary crown in-depth – and the tactics here are quite similar. The only difference is that the removal of permanent crowns is a bit more difficult. This is due to a stronger crown and stronger adhesive being used. Thus, dentists use more force to pry the crown loose from the concrete holding it in place. 

But what if we told you the answer wasn’t more force – but rather, a more optimized approach to the removal? It’s true – and we’ll talk more about this new method in just a few moments.

With that said, the actual process for removing a permanent crown to replace it is quite straightforward. You simply need to break the cement bond holding the crown in place. Straightforward, yes. Easy? Not always. In some cases, the traditional instruments dentists use just don’t cut it – and prove incapable of loosening the crown effectively. 

While this is certainly stressful for you, the dental professional, you can rest assured your patient is feeling the stress as well – even if the area has been numbed. The end result is unnecessary trauma to the region being worked on. You may even need to rely on back-action type, “tap-tap” instruments to force the crown off, causing more pain and discomfort and the possibility of damage to the underlying tooth. 

Typical Instruments Just Don’t Cut it…

As we mentioned earlier, the reason dentists struggle with permanent crown removal is the instruments they’re using. These tools are just not designed for optimal use, and they fail to loosen the concrete bond on the crown. Some methods such as the “bite into the softened candy” approach just don’t even work at all. You spend all that time and effort just to end up back at the drawing board. 

Dentists respond by applying more force. This leads to one of two outcomes (sometimes both):

  • Significant pain, discomfort, and trauma for your patient
  • Broken tools during the procedure

Neither of these outcomes is satisfactory. You don’t want to be known as the dentist in town that patients dread visiting because your chair is associated with a place of pain. And while broken tools are commonplace with the cheap dental instruments that run rampant in this industry, that doesn’t mean you should just “deal with it”. 

There is a better solution – and it’s really as simple as upgrading to the best dental tools on the market. So, without any further ado, let’s show you how to remove a dental crown in under a minute using the Max Crown Spreader™.

How to Remove a Dental Crown in Under a Minute With the Max Crown Spreader™

We won’t hold you in suspense any longer. With the use of our perfectly designed crown spreader, you can stop dreading permanent crown removals. They’re about to get much easier and less stressful.

This instrument was designed by dentists, for dentists. Our founder, Dr. Fyffe, practiced dentistry for over 4 decades. 

Throughout his career, he experienced what most dentists come to realize at some point: typical instruments don’t cut it. Rather than continuing to waste money on lackluster tools that break prematurely and lead to lengthy, painful procedures, he decided to do something about it. Since then, ArtCraft Dental has come to be known as the #1 choice for dental instruments in the USA. 

To learn more about how the Max Crown Spreader™ will change your approach to dental crown removal, read below…

How it Works

First and foremost, the Max Crown Spreader™ is meticulously crafted with superior French 420 stainless steel. This ensures the instrument will stand the test of time, getting you the maximum return on your investment. Trust us when we say you won’t have to worry about this tool breaking when you need it most.

But in terms of actually helping you remove crowns easier and faster, what separates this instrument from the alternatives? 

For one, it features an ultra-long handle. This allows you to reach any crown with ease – even second molars. Furthermore, the multi-directional tips make it easy to approach the crown from any angle or direction. This gives you the power necessary to flare the crown and break its cement contact. The powerful tines of the instrument are designed to precisely match the grooves made with our Metal Buster™ Bur – making this a universal approach to removing dental crowns. 

Simply slide the curved, wedge-shaped side of this instrument into the buccal slot – it will fit in there tightly. In fact, the precise fit gives you more leverage in flaring the crown. Just seat the tines, pump the instrument up and down, and voila – the crown will break loose in seconds!

What Dentists Like You Said After Trying…

There’s no doubt that this is a revolutionary invention for dentists around the world. And you don’t have to take our word for it, either. Here is what some of the industry’s most respected dental professionals had to say after trying the Max Crown Spreader™ themselves…

“The multi-directional tips are key for this design. Permanent crown removed in about a minute – this works so well!” – Dr. Nguyen

“Amazing instrument. ArtCraft seriously has innovative instruments for dentists.” – John Allamy

“This works. Permanent crown can be removed in less than a minute! Seriously amazing invention!” – Dr. Johns

Final Thoughts on Our Innovative Approach to Dental Crown Removal 

Are you ready to change the way you perform dental crown removal? You’re just a few clicks away from upgrading your instrument arsenal and enjoying more efficient procedures with less stress – and more importantly, less pain and discomfort for your patient. When they start telling all their friends and family what a great experience they had with you, you’ll be glad you invested in tools by ArtCraft Dental.

Beyond our innovative approach to dental crown removal, we have other must-add instruments as well. For example, you can make provisional crown removal a breeze with the help of our temporary crown remover. We also offer the most sophisticated dental forceps the industry has seen, along with root elevator dental tools and dental elevator tool. 

You can enjoy peace of mind upgrading your repertoire at ArtCraft Dental as we offer a 60-day free trial period. That’s how confident we are you’re going to love these instruments. You’ll wish you’d found them sooner! Shop now and enjoy fast-and-free shipping with ultra-low costs through our direct-to-dentist pricing model.