Apical Retention Forceps Alternative: Discover the Most Effective, Economical Solution to Extractions!

Apical Retention Forceps Alternative: Discover the Most Effective, Economical Solution to Extractions!

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Looking for an apical retention forceps alternative? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll discuss the top alternatives to this forceps style. Your extractions are about to get much quicker, and more predictable with this revolutionary tool.

Maybe you’re looking for a more cost-effective choice than apical retention forceps. Or, perhaps you simply want to discover a more effective means of gripping onto the teeth and minimizing slippage. Either way, the alternative we’ve got for you is going to transform your practice for good. Your patients will thank you – and you’ll enjoy a higher ROI.

Before we introduce you to this innovative invention, let’s talk about apical retention forceps themselves – and why seeking an alternative is worth it.

A Brief Introduction to Apical Retention Forceps

Apical retention forceps is a specialized dental instrument used to securely hold teeth while they are being manipulated. They were initially designed by Karl Schumacher, with the goal of being the most atraumatic dental extraction forceps the industry had ever seen. And at the time, they were. Today? Not so much. More on that later…

The apical retention forceps provide the dentist with an alternative to using the old conventional, cookie-cutter made forceps, which can be difficult and uncomfortable for the patient. The complete set of instruments contains 9 different tools and seeks to eliminate the issue of minor supra-gingival contact that traditional forceps are notorious for.

Since their inception over 25 years ago, these forceps have helped professionals prevent root fractures while extracting broken-down teeth. So – what’s the problem? Why are more and more dental professionals seeking an apical retention forceps alternative? Keep reading to find out…

The Problems With Apical Retention Forceps

It’s no secret that apical retention forceps are a premier choice for any dental practice in the industry. They’re high-quality and widely considered to be the best dental extraction forceps for a variety of use cases. However, there’s one main issue: price. They’re expensive!

It’s true that you get what you pay for – and we wrote an in-depth article discussing why you should avoid cheap dental tools for this exact reason. Not only do cheap instruments cost more in the long run as they degrade quickly, but they also force you to sacrifice your true potential as a dentist. 

Yes, you should invest in quality when you upgrade dental instruments. But when you consider just how expensive these forceps are, it can be tough to stomach: almost $2,500 for the full set of 9! Yikes. 

Is There a Superior Apical Retention Forceps Alternative?

While apical retention forceps do offer a reliable, stress-free means of performing extractions in an atraumatic manner, many practices cannot justify the egregious price point. 

Fortunately, there is a more cost-effective solution that doesn’t just keep up with the capabilities of apical retention forceps – it exceeds these capabilities, offering advantages you didn’t know you needed. And it’s available right here at ArtCraft Dental.

Our founder Dr. David Fyffe has just under 30 years of experience in dentistry. Throughout the course of his career, he experienced what most dentists do – frustration with traditional dental instruments. After putting up with it for long enough, he decided to do something about it – and began inventing revolutionary instruments that would change the industry forever.

Fast forward to today, and ArtCraft Dental offers a full range of premium tools by dentists, for dentists. And when it comes to apical retention forceps alternatives, you can look no further than our TraXion™ Forceps.

Why the TraXion™ Forceps are a Superior Alternative to Apical Retention Forceps

Our dental forceps are a fraction of the price. In fact, you can buy twice as many of the TraXion™ Forceps we have in our catalog for the same price as apical retention forceps! Oh – and you don’t have to buy a set of 9, either. There are only two styles you need: uppers and lowers. This set of two works universally on any tooth.

And, you’ll enjoy a long life of reliable use from these forceps as we use the highest quality French 420 stainless steel. Learn more in our article talking about what material dental forceps are made of. But really what you need to know is this: you pay less for our forceps while enjoying decades of reliable use. You won’t find a better ROI from any other forceps!

But most importantly, we’ve enhanced the design of these forceps to offer a more smooth, stress-free experience for you and your patients. You likely know that the key to any forceps working efficiently while minimizing oral trauma is parallel beaks. While many of the traditional types of dental forceps lack this feature, ours has it. 

Moreover, our serrations are deeper and more pronounced than the apical retention forceps. This gives you a better grip on the tooth so you don’t have to stress about slipping. This, coupled with the fact that our thin beak tips allow you to seat the beaks below the gum line, offers the quickest and most pain-free procedure for your patient. And, by pairing these forceps with our crown grips, you can remove dental crowns, too!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more confident going into these types of procedures? With ArtCraft Dental’s innovative forceps it’s possible. 

What Dentists Like You Think About Our Alternative to Apical Retention Forceps

“All other forceps I’ve had do not grip the tooth properly due to poor beak design. These are great! Well designed and high quality.” – Dr. Lee Family Dentistry

“These are the only forceps I use now. They really grab and hold – I love them!” – Brian Nguyen, DDS

“High-quality instruments. These are amazing forceps. I got both styles upper and lower. I highly recommend for any dentist with old-style forceps to upgrade to these.” – Wayne Lee, DDS

Explore Other Innovative Instruments We’ve Created For You

Not only do we have the best forceps for any modern dental office – but you can replace all your dental tools with innovative instruments from ArtCraft Dental. 

Our inventions seek to create a more comfortable procedure for not just the patient, but for you. You’ll feel more confident in your abilities as you won’t be held back by cheap, outdated, poorly designed tools any longer. 

From crown spreaders to elevator dental tools, temporary crown removers, root tip elevators, dental needle holders, dental composite instruments, and a whole lot more. Explore all our premium dental supplies today and see why dentists just like you are making the switch to ArtCraft Dental!

Closing Thoughts on the Top Alternative to Apical Retention Forceps

While the apical retention forceps is one of the few modern dental instruments that works well for its intended use, it’s simply too expensive for most dental professionals to stomach. 

So, not only did we create an alternative that costs half the price. But, we also enhanced the tool to help you gain a new level of confidence going into any extraction. Now, problems with slippage are a thing of the past.

Ready to experience the difference firsthand? Shop now and take your dental practice to the next level – changing the way you approach extractions. They’re about to get a whole lot quicker and less stressful.