Cheap Dental Tools Cost You More in the Long Run - and Can Damage Your Practice Irreversibly

Cheap Dental Tools Cost You More in the Long Run - and Can Damage Your Practice Irreversibly

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As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to dental instruments. Trying to find cheap dental tools for your practice can be tempting. This is especially common for new dentists who are just starting to build their practice from the ground up. You’re overwhelmed by the cost of starting your business – from hiring hygienists to paying rent, insurance, and of course, outfitting your practice with an entire arsenal of dental instruments.

We understand the appeal of saving money by investing in cheap dental tools. But hear us out – you’ll end up spending more in the long run. You may save a few hundred dollars today. But over the course of your life, you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars that could have been saved if you invested smarter from the start.

And, the problems with cheap dental instruments aren’t limited to just the constant cost of replacing them when they inevitably break prematurely. While it may sound like a stretch, the damage cheap dental instruments can cause your practice is irreversible in some cases.

If you’re still a bit skeptical, keep reading. In this discussion, we’ll talk about a few of the main problems you’ll experience if you try seeking out the cheapest tools and equipment for your practice. And, we’ll let you in on a little industry secret to help you find cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. 

This resource is going to change the way you source your dental tools. Ready to learn how? Let’s dive in.

The Problems Cheap Dental Tools Create for Your Practice

As we’ve briefly touched on already, cheap dental tools are problematic for a few different reasons. Of course, cheap tools break and wear out sooner than their high-quality counterparts. But simply breaking a tool and having to replace it isn’t the only problem these instruments create. They can damage your reputation as a dentist beyond repair – which is why you cannot overlook the importance of getting the best dental instruments possible.

You Spend More in the Long Run

You may save a few hundred dollars today by ordering cheap dental instruments. But run the numbers on what you’ll end up paying over the course of 5 years, 10 years, or your entire career. Cheap instruments need to be replaced every few years – and that’s only if you’re careful and lucky. On the other hand, quality instruments can last you decades. 

You come out on top by simply investing in quality from the start. For that reason alone, spending a bit more to secure the top-quality instruments for your practice makes sense. But that’s not all…

You Waste Valuable Time Replacing Cheap Tools for Your Dental Practice

Along with the actual monetary cost of constantly replacing cheap dental instruments, consider the cost of your wasted time. Most dentists who constantly recycle cheap tools end up spending time researching new ones each time – and this cuts into the time you could be taking additional appointments, or just getting some much-needed R&R.

Moreover, having to replace a dental instrument mid-procedure ends up leading to setbacks in your schedule as you’re wasting precious minutes trying to find your backup. And, think about it like this – quality dental tools help you do your work quicker! These tools pay for themselves quickly as you’re able to perform routine extractions faster, for example, with the best dental elevators, best extraction forceps, or best temporary crown removers. 

Now – we haven’t even discussed the most problematic aspect of cheap, low-quality dental tools: the damage they can cause to your reputation.

You Risk Damaging Your Reputation With Cheap Dental Instruments

It’s obviously an inconvenience having to stop mid-extraction to grab a new luxator because you broke off the tip of your cheap tool. But think about how unprofessional this looks to the patient. Do you think they’re likely to come back after you broke a tool in their mouth? Do you think they’ll recommend you to their friends and family – or leave a positive review on your website?

Definitely not.

In fact, the opposite will happen. You’ll become known as the “cheap dentist” – which is the last thing you want when starting your practice. You worked hard and spent a lot of money going to dental school. Why would you cut corners now? In some cases, the damage that cheap dentist tools can cause is irreversible.

So – How Should You Go About Sourcing Your Dental Instruments in a Cost-Effective Manner?

All things considered, cheap dental instruments are far more costly in the long run than their high-quality counterparts. So – how should you go about sourcing your dental instruments in a cost-effective manner? 

Our recommendation is to seek out the absolute best quality – and pay a premium. Sure, you’ll pay more today. But over the course of your career, you’ll look back and be glad you went this direction. You’ll pay less in sourcing your inventory, you’ll perform a better service for your patients, and you’ll enjoy less stress and discomfort along the way. And – if you’re on the hunt for the best place to shop for dental tools in the industry, you’re in luck – we know just the place.

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