Dental Crown Splitter Alternative: A Quicker, Easier Approach to Removing Crowns

Dental Crown Splitter Alternative: A Quicker, Easier Approach to Removing Crowns

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Chances are, we don’t have to tell you that splitting crowns is a time-consuming, suboptimal approach to removing dental crowns. Fortunately, there is a better method – one that dental professionals around the world are turning to as a means of saving time and providing a better patient experience

The approach of spreading the crown saves you time and energy – while saving the patient unnecessary discomfort. And in this article, you’ll learn all about this dental crown splitter alternative. We’ll explain what you need to get started implementing this technique in your own dental practice, and why it’s a superior approach. 

Why Dental Crown Splitting is Not Ideal

Dental crowns are removed for a variety of reasons. Maybe the crown has cracked and needs to be replaced. Or, maybe a cavity has formed beneath the crown that is so extensive that removal is the only way to address it. No matter the case, splitting the crown is the most common approach to removal when it comes to how to remove a dental crown.

The process of crown splitting involves cutting the crown all the way in half and removing both pieces individually. Crown splitting has been a common approach to removing dental crowns for decades. Why is it just now becoming a problem?

Well, it’s always been suboptimal – but dentists have just “put up with it” over the course of time. Finally, we’re realizing that there are superior methods to do what we’ve always done – saving time & energy while improving patient comfort. But what exactly is the problem with crown splitting?

This method is not ideal because it takes longer to complete and can also make it harder to remove the second half of the crown. When the crown is cut in half, there is nothing to pry against, making it more difficult to remove the remaining piece. This is due to the fact that the crown is held in place with dental cement and the cutting of the crown disrupts the bond between the crown and the tooth, making it harder to remove the second half.

In addition, this method can also increase the risk of damage to the prepared tooth or the surrounding tissue. The cutting of the crown can result in chipping or cracking of the tooth structure, which can lead to further complications and the need for additional dental work.

Fortunately, we’re going to introduce you to the best dental crown splitter alternative below.

The Best Dental Crown Splitter Alternative

At ArtCraft Dental, we decided enough was enough – no more putting up with suboptimal tools or methods. Instead, we’ve designed and manufactured a premium supply of dental instruments in the USA.

Rather than sticking with the norm and dealing with traditional dental instruments and methods, our founder – Dr. David Fyffe – decided to do something about it. With nearly four decades of experience in dentistry, he experienced what most dentists do at some point in their career – traditional instruments just don’t cut it.

He invented his first dental tool in 1994 and was awarded a patent for his Capture Forceps – a pediatric-style forceps designed to reduce the possibility of “popping” during extractions. And since then, he’s engineered and manufactured an array of innovative instruments that will change the landscape of dentistry forever.

And right now, we’re excited to unveil his dental crown splitter alternative: the Max Crown Spreader™. Rather than splitting the crown in half and removing two separate pieces, you can simply “spread” the crown and keep the lingual intact for effortless, pain-free removal. This dental crown removal tool is a game-changer. Here’s how it works…

What is “Spreading” the Crown – and Why is it Better Than Splitting the Crown?

This method involves cutting only part of the crown, through the buccal and occlusal surfaces, while leaving the lingual surface intact. This allows for the crown to be removed in one piece, saving time and reducing the risk of damage to the prepared tooth or surrounding tissue. And in order to make it happen, you’ll need two tools:

  • The Max Crown Spreader™ is a specialized tool that is designed to flare or spread the crown out, breaking its cement contact and making it easier to remove. It’s the best dental crown remover on the market. This instrument is made with high-quality, customized surfaces to allow you to lock tightly into the slots made on the old crown.  This ensures a precise and controlled removal of the crown. With an extra long handle, you can easily access those hard-to-reach posterior regions.
  • The Metal Buster™ bur, also by ArtCraft Dental. This bur dental instrument is made of Tungsten Carbide, a strong and durable material that is perfect for cutting through dental crowns like butter. The bur cuts fast and cleanly, making it an ideal choice for removing dental crowns. With a one-piece construction, this thing is sturdy and built to last – unlike conventional carbide burs.


Using these instruments in tandem will transform the way you approach crown removals. You can approach the crown from any angle, giving you more control over how you remove it. And, the precise fit of the curved side on our crown spreader gives you more leverage – so you don’t need to apply nearly as much force to get the crown to pop off. 

Just cut your slit with the bur, seat your tines, twist, and voila – the crown pops off. In fact, you can remove crowns, start to finish, in under a minute – it’s that quick and easy. Don’t believe us? Here’s what a few dentists like yourself had to say after using it:

“Easy to flare the crown with lingual intact. Wish I had this thing 20 years ago when I started.”

“Flares crown super fast. great invention”

“The multi-directional tips are key for this design. Permanent crown removed in about a minute – this works so well!”


Final Thoughts on the Best Alternative to Dental Crown Splitting

In conclusion, the Max Crown Spreader™ is an effective and efficient alternative method to traditional crown splitting. By only cutting through part of the crown, it is possible to remove the crown in one piece, saving time and reducing the risk of damage. 

The use of a specialized tool, such as the Max Crown Spreader™, paired with a high-quality cutting bur like the Metal Buster™ Bur, makes the process of removing dental crowns more precise and controlled. And both of these are just a few clicks away at ArtCraft Dental. By upgrading your dental instruments with our innovative tools, you can make quick work of procedures that would otherwise take up unnecessary time and contribute to stress.

And as you’ll discover from browsing our website, these are just a few of the many incredible inventions we have in store for you. You can also transform the approach you take for temporary crown removal with the TempOff® temporary crown remover. While you’re at it, check out our elevator dental tool, dental forceps, dental needle holders, and composite dental instruments.

It’s time to bring your practice into the modern world by getting the best dental tools the industry has to offer. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love our tools and wish you’d found them sooner. Shop now and get fast & free shipping!