Non-Stick Composite Instrument

Eliminate the Annoying Pull Back With a Non-Stick Composite Instrument!

Have you experienced the frustrating, annoying pull-back sensation when attempting to work with composite filling material? This is something every dentist dreads because it leads to a ton of wasted time. And most professionals assume this is just part of the process - that composite material is sticky and tacky, after all.

But what if we told you it isn’t necessarily the material itself to blame - but the tools you’re using to shape the filling material? It’s true - while most instruments fall short, you can rely on non-stick composite instruments to help you effortlessly shape your filling and save a tremendous amount of time on the final polishing step.

We know what you’re thinking - sounds a bit too good to be true. But below, we’ll break down how it works and show you how dentists like yourself are using our dental composite instruments to overcome this common challenge. 

The Problem With Traditional Dental Composite Instruments

Picture this - you’ve got a packed waiting room with no sign of the day slowing down. You’re trying to quickly perform a filling procedure for a patient, and after all the prep work you start trying to shape the composite material. 

But as you start working, you find that the material keeps snapping and pulling back as you attempt to shape it. Each time this happens, it means you have to reshape the composite - leading to more and more snapping and pulling.

By the time you’re ready to polish the filling, you’re already way behind schedule. And because of this annoying pullback problem, you’re going to have to spend a good chunk of time on gross reduction. 

All things considered, your simple filling procedure put you behind the 8-ball for the rest of the day - and undoubtedly leads to disgruntled patients. And of course, this procedure was a stressful, frustrating experience for you as well. 

The truth is, traditional composite instruments just don’t cut it. They are the culprit for this pullback problem and all the wasted time and frustration that comes with it. Not only does your composite material stick to the instrument and waste time - it ends up degrading the tool faster than you’d hoped for.

The good news is that as frustrating as this occurrence may be, you don’t have to just deal with it any longer. We’ve developed a dental composite restoration technique that can save you a ton of time and energy while getting you a quality filling that lasts. By pairing our non-stick composite instrument with a quality wetting resin, you can make quick work of any filling. 

Here’s what you need to know…

How to Avoid the Annoying Pullback and Save Time Shaping Fillings to Perfection With Our Non-Stick Composite Instrument

As dentists ourselves, finding an efficient way to shape fillings before the polishing step is something we’ve struggled with firsthand. We know how frustrating it can be - and how much lost time it can contribute to. So, we decided to do something about it.

Our founder - Dr. Fyffe - developed the CompPlus™ as a solution to address the annoying pullback problem once and for all. What separates this tool from the rest of the composite instruments you’ll find on the market is the titanium coating. This little design enhancement is the key to unlocking simple, effortless composite placement and shaping. 

Because the tacky composite material doesn’t adhere to the titanium coating as much as its stainless steel or plastic counterpart, you spend less time scraping off composite material after the job is finished. And placement is much easier with the precisely contoured tips on the instrument - allowing you to shape your composite how you want it to look in the end right from the start. This saves you time on gross reduction and polishing. 

But beyond the time savings, you’ll enjoy cost savings by switching to this tool as well. It’s crafted from the highest-quality materials possible to ensure it stands the test of time, getting you the highest ROI possible from your investment. What’s more, titanium won’t contaminate your fillings like stainless steel or plastic does.

There’s no question that CompPlusTM is the best dental composite tool on the market. However, this revolutionary instrument is just half the equation. You also need Seamfree composite wetting resin. This compound is an invaluable asset in your arsenal for placing and shaping filings because it helps to further eliminate the tackiness of composite materials. Better yet, it doesn’t add layers or thickness to the composite while absorbing into the composite after you use it. This eliminates voids, weak spots, and open margins in the final restoration.

Together, this dynamic duo will transform the way you approach fillings for good. Never before has it been this quick and easy to achieve successful patient outcomes. So - head over to ArtCraft Dental and upgrade your dental instruments today! 

Final Thoughts on Why You Need Non-Stick Composite Instruments

As you can see, using non-stick composite instruments grants you more control over the initial shape of your filling - saving you a ton of time on the final polishing step. It also saves you a whole lot of stress and frustration along the way, while contributing to better patient outcomes.

There’s no question that having the best dental instruments in your office is the difference between being known as the go-to dentist in your town and developing a sour reputation. 

With over 40 years of experience in dentistry, ArtCraft Dental has experienced the common challenges you face - like the pullback problem. So, we’ve developed tools to address these issues where traditional instruments fall short. 

And it’s not just our non-stick composite instruments that are worth adding to your arsenal. From temporary crown removal to extractions, we have all the dental instruments you need to transform your practice for the better. That includes our Castro needle holder, crown remover dental tool, dentist elevator tool, temporary crown remover, dental forceps, and a whole lot more.

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