A New Temporary Crown Removal Method You Need to Try: How to Remove a Temporary Crown in Seconds

A New Temporary Crown Removal Method You Need to Try: How to Remove a Temporary Crown in Seconds

Temporary crown removal is a procedure most dentists and practitioners dread. 

Traditional instruments – like Wynam, Hemostats, or other rubber-tipped tools – perform sub-optimally. They carry a moderate-to-high risk of damage to buildup, and they don’t always end up working out. Oftentimes you find yourself resorting to even cutting off the temporary! More importantly, perhaps, these “old-school” style instruments contribute to moderate-to-high patient sensitivity and pain.

This causes stress for you – the dentist – as you see appointments on your calendar for the removal of temporary crowns. We’re here to change that for you. 

Because while you may know how to remove a temporary crown through traditional methods, there is a new approach that dentists just like you are now implementing. It allows you to remove temporary crowns in as little as 2-3 seconds. The patient will hardly know you’re there – and you’ll be able to blast through these procedures effortlessly and with no stress.

It’s all possible through ArtCraft Dental’s revolutionary lineup of dental supplies. Our instruments are designed by dentists, for dentists. And the manner in which they’ll change your procedures is profound. 

First, we’re going to take a look at how to remove a temporary crown using traditional instruments and tactics. Then, we’ll compare and contrast this new style of temporary crown removal so you can see firsthand just how big this is for the dental industry.

To move this discussion in the right direction, let’s begin by assessing a common question patients and new dentists alike ask – how long does it take to remove a temporary crown with traditional methods?

How Long Does it Take to Remove a Temporary Crown With Traditional Methods?

Temporary cement needs to be strong enough to last 2-3 weeks while the permanent crown is made, yet weak enough to be easily removed. Sadly, as the new generation temp cements get stronger and better, the provisionals are getting more and more difficult to remove. 

While in theory, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for the removal of temporary crowns, that’s rarely the case. Instead, dentists find that breaking the bond of the adhesive can be challenging. This is because the tools they’re using are suboptimal. As a result, patients can get stuck in the dental chair for much longer than the anticipated few-minute procedure. This is especially true if the practitioner has to stop, anesthetize, and wait for the patient to get numb.  

This spells problems not just because your patient is in pain and discomfort as you try and work free the provisional. You also get backed up in your schedule as you fumble over the provisional and try to remove it. This leads to disgruntled patients in the waiting room and in some cases, having to reschedule.

Don’t worry – because in just a few moments, we’ll share with you a new method of temporary crown removal that delivers consistent results. Let’s first analyze the typical method of how to remove a temporary crown so you can gain a better understanding of why the instruments used are not up to standards.

How to Remove a Temporary Crown With Traditional Instruments

With the traditional removal of temporary crowns, you’ll need one of the following instruments:

  • Hemostat
  • Wynman
  • Some other rubber-tipped instruments.

The actual process of removing a provisional crown is straightforward. You grip the provisional with your tool and work it loose. Sounds simple, right? And sometimes, it is. But with traditional tools, it’s rarely as easy as a few jiggles and voila – the temporary crown pops free.

Instead, it turns into an oral battle where your patient grips the sides of the seat in pain and discomfort. Meanwhile, you start sweating through your shirt as you can sense their agony. The reason this seemingly simple procedure turns into such a nightmare all too often? Improper grip.

You see, traditional, flat-surfaced instruments require you to grip the provisional at the gum line. This leads to poor stability and slippage. And perhaps more notably, it can lead to serious pain and discomfort for your patient. Most dentists address the issue of poor grip by applying more force – but that is not the answer. This just leads to more pain and discomfort.

So, what is the solution for those really struck provisionals that just won’t come loose? We’ve had dentists report trying everything – typical instruments like hemostats, scalers, a spoon – and nothing works. 

In fact, this is something we experienced firsthand in our almost four decades of experience practicing dentistry. We knew there had to be a better way – and once we realized that the real issue with the removal of temporary crowns was suboptimal instruments, we set out with a mission to change things once and for all.

So if you want to learn how to remove a temporary crown in as little as 2-3 seconds with no stress for you or pain for your patient, keep reading…


A New Method of Temporary Crown Removal: Get Provisionals Off in as Little as 3-5 Seconds!

Just as with the best dental extraction forceps or the best dental elevator, you need the best temporary crown remover. It will make all the difference in how you perform these procedures.

At ArtCraft Dental, we create tools for dentists, by dentists. Our founder Dr. Fyffe went back to the drawing board when he experienced the same issues you (and every other dental professional) experienced with traditional instruments:

  • They’re uncomfortable to use from the dentist’s standpoint
  • They’re poorly designed for their intended use, leading to difficult, painful, and lengthy patient procedures
  • They bend easily, leading to hassles during procedures and a poor ROI on your instruments

And over the years, he’s developed a suite of efficient, revolutionary tools that can change the way you perform certain procedures. Perhaps his greatest invention to date is the TempOff® – the most efficient, reliable temporary crown remover the industry has seen.

This unique instrument allows you to quickly and easily remove temporary crowns of all types – it’s a universal instrument. It’s unmatched in precision, quality, and performance. The reason it works so well is the unique, stable 4-point contact tip. This design allows you to lock onto provisionals with complete confidence that you won’t slip off as you apply force.

But, further improving the way you perform temporary crown removal, TempOffÂŽ allows for higher incisal positioning. This means the forces you apply are spread across the provisional rather than the sensitive tooth itself.

The end result? Fast, pain-free provisional removal. As quick as 2-3 seconds in most cases. And, with our Crown Gripps foam sleeves, you can also use this very same instrument to free up stuck permanent crowns while trying them in!

We know what you’re thinking…sounds a bit too good to be true. You have your doubts. But it’s true – and once you experience what a difference this one instrument makes in your practice, you’ll wish you found it sooner. Just see what other dental professionals had to say after taking a chance on TempOff®…

“I was skeptical at first, but man this works. Another one of my colleagues recommended TempOff® to me and I recommend it to everyone out there” – Dr. John Russel

“I never have to worry about TempOff slipping. All other temp crown-removing instruments are a nightmare. Great, and also high quality as well” – John Filler Family Dentistry

“It’s really incredible how well they work. Very little force is needed. Temps are easily removed and without the “eyebrows” look from the patient.” – Dr. Niel Millikin

Ready to Transform Your Approach to Temporary Crown Removal?

As you can see, the removal of temporary crowns doesn’t have to be as miserable as it currently is for you and your patients. There’s a better way. And now that you know how to remove temporary crowns with TempOff®, it’s time to head over to ArtCraft Dental and upgrade your dental supplies once and for all.

Along with this valuable tool, you’ll find all sorts of other must-have instruments – including our crown spreader, dental forceps, root elevator dental tool, and of course, our innovative dental elevator.

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Trust us – your patients will be glad you got the best dental tools for the job. You will be too once you start getting more positive feedback and reviews from patients who enjoyed pain-free procedures!