The Best Dental Extraction Forceps for Predictable, Stress-Free Extractions

The Best Dental Extraction Forceps for Predictable, Stress-Free Extractions

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Even the most seasoned dentists can feel anxious when they see extractions coming up on the schedule. These aren't just uncomfortable and stressful for patients - you don't particularly look forward to them either. But, your outlook on extractions will completely transform once you have the right tools in hand. And today, we're going to get you one step closer to handling extractions with ease by introducing you to the best dental extraction forceps in the industry:

TraXion™ Forceps.

Not only are these universal, but they also feature a unique, serrated break design that makes it far easier to grip the tooth. This tool - paired with our innovative dental elevator - will completely change the way you feel about extractions. Before we explain what makes our products the #1 choice among dental professionals, we want to explain why traditional tooth extraction forceps don't cut it. Let's begin with a brief overview.

What are Dental Extraction Forceps and what are the differences?

If you're here reading this guide you likely already know the answer to this question - but dental extraction forceps are tools that dentists use to remove teeth. There are many different types of forceps, but they all have one common goal: to provide the leverage and grip needed to remove the tooth without causing damage to the surrounding structures.

The problem is, typical extraction forceps fail to satisfy the second half of that criteria. They can lead to damage to the delicate tissue of the gums as well as lead to broken root tips. We've designed products that solve this concern - which is why dentists around the world prefer our instruments.

 The Different Types of Extraction Forceps for Dentists:

There are many different types of dental extraction forceps, each for a specific type of tooth. The most common types of forceps you are probably already aware of are:

  • Universal Forceps: These can be used on any type of tooth and are the most versatile.
  • Molar Forceps: As the name suggests, these are specifically designed for removing molars. They have longer jaws and handles to give you more leverage.
  • Anterior Forceps: These are shorter and have narrower jaws, making them ideal for removing teeth in the front of the mouth.

Your arsenal should consist of all three of these as they each have their place. There are also upper and lower forceps - depending on what procedure entails. However, you will find that most of your extractions can be performed with just universal forceps - at least, when you have the best of the best. Let's take a look at why traditional dental extraction forceps fall short of expectations before we unveil the #1 choice in the industry.

Why Traditional Dental Extraction Forceps Don't Cut it

The first thing you'll notice about traditional forceps is that they're often made from lower-quality materials. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but it makes all the difference in the world. When forceps are made from cheap metals they're more likely to wear out and lose their sharpness and effectiveness over time. The obvious problem here is that your tool becomes less efficient, making extractions more difficult and more strenuous for the dentist . But, another issue with cheap forceps is the added cost you pay in the long run to constantly replace them. You need dental instruments that can withstand the rigorous conditions you put it through and that you can rely on for years to come.

Another problem with most extraction forceps on the market is that the design is not conducive to getting a proper grip on the tooth. This might be something you've noticed before. Poorly designed dull jaws make it difficult to get a good grip on the tooth, which can lead to damage to the surrounding tissue or worse - ripping off a chunk of tooth. Typical dental extraction forceps are overly curved and feature a dull beak design - which further exacerbates the issue.

Perhaps you've experienced these problems yourself - and that's why you're here reading this guide on the best dental extraction forceps. Well, we've got good news. Your search ends here. Allow us to introduce you to the best forceps for dentists in the industry: TraXion™ Forceps.

What Makes TraXion™ Forceps the Best Dental Extraction Forceps in the Industry?

At ArtCraft Dental, we're dedicated to solving the dental industry's most challenging problems through innovative, unique instrument design - by dentists, for dentists. We believe that even the best, most experienced professionals in dentistry are being held back because they don't use the right instruments - and we are on a mission to change that.

Our TraXion™ Forceps are a must-have in your dental office - and frankly, every modern dental office out there. They will transform the way you look at extractions by making them more predictable. Never stress about a procedure again. It all comes down to the design. Let's take a look at what exactly has earned our product the reputation of the #1 dental extraction forceps in the industry.

Traxion forceps extraction forceps

 Serrated Beaks Allow You to Grip Teeth With Confidence

In talking with hundreds of dentists, we realized they had a common concern with typical forceps: always slipping. This is a concern of the past when you invest in our forceps, though. We've engineered them with a serrated parallel beak design to allow you to lock on and grip teeth with confidence. And instead of the overly curved design that you may be familiar with, the TraXion™ Forceps are equipped with parallel beaks - leading to greater surface contact with the tooth, making tooth movement synonymous with instrument movement, and most importantly,  less risk of slippage.

Universal Design Makes These The Last Pair of Extraction Forceps You'll Invest in! 

Dentists are constantly having to buy new instruments. At least you can rely on just one pair of extraction forceps for the rest of your career. Our universal design works on any tooth. If you're looking to remove permanent crowns, you can simply put on our Crown Gripps foam sleeves. These high-quality forceps will stand the test of time. They've been carefully crafted with french 420-grade surgical stainless steel. You'll literally feel the difference in your hands.

We know what you're can such an incredible product be priced so affordably? This is all due to our direct-to-dentist pricing model. We designed and manufacture these ourselves and sell them straight to dental offices, cutting out the middleman and saving you costs.


Don't Just Take Our Word For it - Here's What Other Dentists Had to Say...

There's no doubt about it - these are the best forceps for dentists who perform extractions on a routine basis. But, you don't just have to take our word for it. Our instruments can be found in over thousands of dental offices across the country. When asked what dentists thought of our TraXion™ Forceps, here's what they had to say…

"These are amazing forceps. I got both styles upper and lower. I highly recommend for any dentist with old forceps to upgrade to these." - Wayne Lee, DDS

"I just bought some of these forceps on a whim a few weeks ago. They make life so much easier for me – they are really great!" - Matthew Bell, DDS

"David, Thank you for developing your Traxion forceps! For quite a few years, I’d get to the forcep part of the extractions with dread of the beaks slipping off or ripping off a chunk of tooth. I’ll be buying more stuff from your company.” E Lau

At this point, you're just a few clicks away from making your life easier and becoming known as the go-to dentist in town for quick, painless extractions. Head over to our site and upgrade your tools today - you'll be glad you invested in the best! 

Wrapping up Our Breakdown on the Best Dental Extraction Forceps 

We hope this article has provided you with clarity on what a difference the right tooth extraction forceps can make in your practice. If you find that extractions cause stress or anxiety in your life and you dread seeing them on the schedule, know that it doesn't have to be this way. With the right dental supplies, you can transform the way you perform procedures - and thus, gain confidence and eliminate worry from your life.

Not only do we have the best dental extraction forceps, but we also have the best dental elevator. By pairing our TraXion™ Forceps with our elevator dental instruments, you'll enjoy greater efficiency and productivity. More importantly, you'll no longer stress over extractions - and, your patients will be glad they chose to go with you! While you're here, explore our other innovative instruments - such as our root tip elevators, 301 style elevators, temporary crown removers, and everything else we have in store for you.