See TempOffÂŽ in action:

"I ordered two of the Temp Off Forceps last year. They are amazing. My dental assistants love them. I am ordering two more. Thank you."

- Patrick P.


TempOffÂŽ common questions:

Rubber tipped instruments must engage the temporary at the margin– near the gum line.  This is the weakest, thinnest part of the temporary and the most sensitive area of the tooth.  With TempOff®, the higher incisal positioning allows for greater efficiency and less force onto the tooth.  Force is transferred to the temporary, not the tooth.

TempOffŽ will not slip off of the temporary like hemostats do. What makes this instrument unique is the stable, 4-point contact tip. This provides a firm, non-slip grip so you can lock onto temporaries of all types.

Nope! Because the force is transferred to the temporary and not the tooth, the patient hardly feels anything.

Yes! TempOffŽ LOCKS onto temporaries of all types fast and easily. 

Shipping and Trials:

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