"These are nothing short of fantastic! The first time I used Xpanders on a broken down canine, I was amazed and grateful. A worthy addition to my OS arsenal."

- Steve Baldwin, DDS

See Xpanders™ in action:


Xpanders™ Common questions:

Engage the sulcus and PDL at any of the 4 corners of the tooth.  Keep the instrument tip upright at a 30 degree angle with the long axis of the tooth.  Push and twist the instrument repeatedly until bucco-lingual movement is achieved.

Our double tip design gives you more power and faster results than Luxators and Proximators. Your extractions will become efficient and predictable with less chance of root tip breakage.

The set of 4 includes the Anterior Set: 1 Striaght and 1 Curved, as well as the Posterior Set: 1 In and 1 Out.

Do not bend the Xpanders™ backward, like a shovel.  Do not approach the tooth from a direct sideways 90 degree angle, like you would using a straight, conventional elevator. These angles and motions will bend the tips.

At ArtCraft Dental, we source only the best materials from all over the world. All of our instruments are made with the highest quality 420 Surgical French or German Stainless Steel.

We started with a simple mission: to make instruments that actually work for the job at hand. All of our instruments are designed by a Dentist, Dr. David Fyffe. We’ve spent over 30+ years developing tools that work. We are dedicated to solving dentistry’s most vexing problems with our one-of-a-kind instruments.

Shipping and Trials:

Yes! Shipping is free on all orders (no minimum) to the United States. Also FREE shipping to the UK, Canada, Australia, and Mexico with minimum order. Plus free returns!

Yes! We offer free trials - Ship now, bill later. We will ship your instruments to you now, and bill your office later. Simply email us at hello@artcraftdental.com.

Please email us at anytime if you have questions! We are knowledgeable about our products – all made by dentists for dentists! You may email hello@artcraftdental.com or give us a call 1-877-340-1776.