Introducing the Best Crown Remover for 60 Second Removals - Max Crown Spreader™!

Introducing the Best Crown Remover for 60 Second Removals - Max Crown Spreader™!

As you upgrade your dental instruments, are you looking for the best crown remover possible? You’ve come to the right place. Here on this page, we’ll unveil the crown removal instrument dental professionals like you have been using to remove crowns in under 60 seconds!

We know what you’re thinking…sounds too good to be true. But it’s not – and the results speak for themselves.

We’ve addressed the most common problems with traditional crown removal instruments to achieve the most ergonomic, optimized tool devised in history. The end result is an instrument that grants you the peace of mind and confidence you need as you perform these procedures. As such, ArtCraft Dental has come to be recognized as the premier choice in the industry for dental instruments in the USA.

Before we officially introduce you to your new favorite crown remover tool, allow us to explain the value of investing in the best crown remover possible. 

Why You Need the Best Crown Remover

As we discussed in our article advising dentists to stay away from cheap dental tools, you get what you pay for in this industry. A common problem we’ve seen is dentists skimping on instrument quality to stay within their budget. But this ends up costing you more in the long run.

Not only do these tools fail earlier and end up needing to be replaced sooner – but they can deteriorate your reputation as a dentist as you cause unnecessary stress and trauma with sub-optimal tools. Your patients deserve better – and so do you.

Stronger, More Dependable Instruments Provide a Higher ROI

We cannot stress the importance of outfitting your dental practice with strong, dependable instruments. They provide a higher ROI than their cheaper counterparts as they last longer. 

While you may save a bit initially by opting for cheaper tools, these fail prematurely – sometimes within just a couple of years. That’s because they’re made from lower-quality materials that deteriorate faster than others – like French or German surgical stainless steel. These materials can last a few decades of reliable use. You not only get a higher ROI out of these, but you also don’t have to waste nearly as much time sourcing new tools every few years. Your time is money, after all.

But, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing your instruments won’t break mid-procedure. This not only looks unprofessional and leaves a bad taste in your patient’s mouth. But, it also leads to downtime and setbacks that can send your practice spiraling into chaos.

And, we haven’t even discussed the primary reason you need the best dental crown remover…

Your Procedures Will be Quicker, More Comfortable, & Less Stressful

As dentists ourselves, there were few procedures that caused more stress and frustration than a really stuck-on crown that has recurrent decay and needs removal. . These types of procedures cause you – the dentist – to sweat a bit more. But you can bet that your patient is feeling a whole lot worse as you apply more pressure to try and lift the crown free. Additionally, the longer the procedure takes, the more stressed you and the patient become. 

While sometimes this is the result of a cement bond that is overly strong, it’s more likely that the instrument you’re using is inadequate. Thus, the solution for less stressful, more pain-free procedures is as simple as upgrading your tools.

Not only will this be a more enjoyable approach to crown removal for both you and your patient – but you’ll be able to work through crown removals lightning fast, helping you get through your daily workload with ease.

Now – we can sense how eager you are to experience this yourself in your own practice. So, without any further ado, what is the best crown remover currently on the market?

So – What is the Best Crown Remover Currently on the Market?

We’ve teased you enough – it’s time to introduce you to the best dental crown removal tool: the Max Crown Spreader™.

At ArtCraft Dental, we’ve made it our mission to change the narrative around traditional dental tools. They’re cumbersome & poorly designed – and they don’t deliver the ROI you need as they break easily and wear down quickly. 

Thus, after three decades of practicing dentistry himself, our founder – Dr. David Fyffe – decided to address the challenges he encountered himself. He was awarded his first patent in 1994 and the rest is history. Fast forward to the present day, and this crown removal tool is just one of the many innovative instruments we’ve designed that change the game for dentists like yourself.

With this one instrument, the way you view crown removals will change forever. There’s no question that this is the premier choice for any dental professional who needs a dental crown removal tool. Here’s what separates it from the rest…


What Makes This the Best Crown Removal Instrument?

The magic behind this instrument comes down to the design. 

First, it’s been handcrafted with unparalleled attention to detail using the finest-quality 420 French 420 Stainless Steel. This – along with single-body construction – ensures remarkable longevity. You can count on this instrument to deliver for years and years to come – far outlasting the alternatives.

In terms of actually using the tool for procedures, you’ll be delighted at the extra length it offers. This makes it easier to access posterior regions without shoving your whole hand in the patient’s mouth. 

The tines on this instrument have been designed to precisely match the grooves made with our Metal Buster™ Bur – allowing you to remove just about any crown. But the real reason it works so effectively is the special curved, wedge-shaped edge. It fits tightly and precisely on the buccal side to give you the maximum amount of power and leverage. Another feature is the multi-directional tip. This design feature allows you to approach the crown from any angle and find the weakest point for effortless removal. Both of these features allow you to flare the crown and break its cement contact with as little force as possible.  

Using the Metal Buster™ Bur, cut 2/3 of the way through, leaving one margin intact. Spring it open! It’s that easy, and from start to finish you’ll have that crown free in under a minute. And if you still have your doubts, don’t just take our word for it…

Feedback From Dentists Who Tried Using the Max Crown Spreader™ in Their Own Practices

“Easy to flare the crown with lingual intact. Wish I had this thing 20 years ago when I started.” – Dr. Villano

“The multi-directional tips are key for this design. Permanent crown removed in about a minute – this works so well!” – Dr. Nguyen

“Easy to remove the permanent crown. I like the longer handle.” – Dr. Li Trang

These are just a few of the many reviews our instrument has earned since being released to the market…ready to see it in action yourself? Learn more about how to use it in our discussion on dental crown removal.


What are You Waiting for? See the Best Crown Remover in Action Yourself! 

This is the best crown remover, and after reading this discussion, you should be convinced yourself. But you’ll also want to grab our temporary crown remover – the best approach to temporary crown removal the industry has ever seen. In fact, you can pair this tool with our Crown Gripps foam sleeves to remove permanent crowns, too!

At this point, it’s time you get the best crown remover ordered and shipped your way so you can transform the way you approach crown removal once and for all. While you’re at it, explore the rest of our catalog – after all, all the best dental tools are available at ArtCraft Dental! That includes our tooth elevator, dental forceps, and much, much more.