Why You Need to Upgrade Your Dental Instruments & Replace Outdated, Sub-Optimal Tools NOW

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Dental Instruments & Replace Outdated, Sub-Optimal Tools NOW

It’s been said that a dentist is only as good as the tools they have in their arsenal – and to a certain extent, that is true. If you’re using cheap, low-quality, or worn-down dental instruments, you are doing yourself – and more importantly, your patients – a disservice. 

That’s why today, we’re going to make the case for upgrading dental instruments sooner rather than later. You can invest in yourself and your practice today by getting the best dental tools the industry has to offer at ArtCraft Dental. 

Our instruments will transform the way you approach certain procedures – from dental crown removal and temporary crown removal to extractions. Made by dentists for dentists, these innovative instruments make your job easier and less stressful – while speeding up processes and helping you get more done. And, they’re more dependable than anything else out there, getting you the highest ROI possible.

We’ll talk more about the ArtCraft Dental difference in a moment – and why we’re the premier dental supply store online. First, allow us to make the case for getting new dental instruments even if you aren’t necessarily due.

Why Upgrading Your Dental Instruments is One of the Best Investments You Can Make

Do you find that you dread seeing certain procedures on your calendar – like extractions? Or crown removals? Know that this sentiment is not due to your experience or skills – you are fully equipped for the job. It’s more likely that the stress you feel around these types of operations is due to inadequate dental tools for the job.

The unfortunate reality is that traditional instruments just don’t cut it most of the time. They’re poorly designed for their intended use and cause more patient pain and discomfort than necessary. You end up feeling some of this discomfort yourself as you sense what they’re feeling. But, there’s a better solution than simply dealing with it and working to the best of your ability.

By upgrading to state-of-the-art dental instruments, you can transform the way you approach certain procedures. You won’t stress over really stuck provisionals anymore – in fact, you’ll be able to effortlessly remove temporary crowns in just 2-3 seconds! Or, remove permanent crowns in under a minute. You won’t have to worry about creating excessive trauma during extractions anymore. 

In summary, you should upgrade dental equipment because it gives you a chance to really shine and show what you’re capable of doing. You’ve worked hard and invested heavily to get where you are right now – why would you let sub-optimal instruments get in the way?

With that said, you may be thinking to yourself – my dental tools may not be ideal for their intended use…but they’re not quite ready to be replaced yetI don’t need to replace dental tools yet.

Not so fast – let’s talk about how often you should really be replacing dental tools.

How Often Should You Replace Dental Instruments?

We’re often asked – how often should you replace dental instruments? Obviously, as cheap dental tools break they need to be replaced. 

But even if your instruments are still intact, they may be due for a replacement right now. That’s because certain tools become less effective with age and use, and to be honest, some tools that are poorly designed never work very well from the start. Also, as we’ve just discussed above, some instruments need to be replaced ASAP – as they’re not optimized for their intended use, causing problems within your practice.

The answer to this question, though, is not one size fits all – as different instruments have different lifespans. Certain types of dental extraction forceps last longer than others, for example. Similarly, we don’t know how heavily your specific tools are being used in your specific practice. 

Maintenance will also dictate how long certain tools last. Are you constantly (and correctly) sharpening tools and sanitizing them? Do you use tools only for their intended use – and store them safely? If the answers to these questions are last, you won’t need to replace dental instruments as frequently. With that said, here are some best practices.

Best Practices:

Cutting instruments lose their edge over time and no longer work effectively for the task at hand. Thus, when 20% of the instrument blade width or length has been lost to wear and tear, it’s time for a replacement. For some instruments, this is every 6-12 months. For others, it’s every 12-24 months. The specific supplier you source tools from will give you a better idea of how often you should replace dental tools.

Dull instruments aren’t the only offender that needs to be replaced sooner than you may think, though. Other instruments used to detect or remove calculus should also be replaced frequently – in our opinion, more frequently than most manufacturers recommend. If you wait too long, these won’t provide the tactile sensitivity you need – and you could end up putting too much pressure in your patient’s mouth. This leads to pain, discomfort, and the risk of slippage.

With all of this said, when you upgrade dental instruments at ArtCraft Dental, you don’t need to replace dental tools every few years – they’re designed to last a decade or longer. This is just one of the many reasons we’ve come to be known as the premier choice for elevator dental toolstemporary crown removersdental forceps, and even root elevator dental tools. Keep reading to learn more…

Why You Need New Dental Instruments From ArtCraft Dental

The ArtCraft Dental business was born out of frustration with traditional dental tools. Our founder – Dr. Fyffe – has been practicing dentistry for about four decades and counting. During his practice, he grew tired of using sub-optimal instruments that lacked the proper design for their intended use. So, he decided to do something about it – and his first patent was awarded in 1994.

Since then, Dr. Fyffe has designed & engineered a robust selection of modern dental instruments that address all the major issues in their traditional counterpart. Our instruments are more comfortable in your hands, and easier to handle – allowing you to work with the precision and comfort necessary during stressful procedures. You’ll get through more procedures faster with less pain & discomfort for your patients – everyone wins when you upgrade dental equipment!

Unparalleled Quality That is Built to Last

Here in our catalog, you’ll gain access to tools that are expertly crafted from the finest 420 surgical French & German Stainless Steel. They’re built to last – and you won’t need to replace these dental tools any time soon!

But, the longevity of our tools is just a bonus. The real reason you need new dental instruments from ArtCraft Dental comes down to innovative designs. 

Thoughtfully Designed Tools That Innovate the Dental Industry

For example, our TempOff® crown remover has been designed with a unique, stable, 4-point contact tip. This gives you a firm, nonslip grip so you can confidently lock onto provisionals and remove them effortlessly – in under 3 seconds as a matter of fact. 

Similarly, our Max Crown Spreader™ helps you remove even the most stuck-on permanent crown with ease – in under 60 seconds with a bit of practice. This is due to the multi-directional tip allowing you to flare the crown from any angle and use leverage rather than brute force.

One of our proudest inventions is our Xpanders™ – the most atraumatic elevators devised to date. The double-pronged, diamond grip action allows for a stable two-point contact between the crest of the bone and the neck of the tooth. With a simple twist, one point locks onto the bone and the other point pushes the tooth laterally. The result is buccolingual socket expansion and superior pre-forceps loosening. 

You’ll see more of the same across the rest of the tools we have to offer – we don’t just have the best temporary crown removerbest dental forceps, or best dental elevator! Shop now and see hand what a difference upgrading your dental tools can make. 

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The Results Speak for Themselves…

If you’re still not quite sure that you should upgrade dental instruments here with us, you will be in a moment. Here are a few testimonials we’ve earned from dentists like yourself who took a chance on our tools:

“I love this company. I totally trust ArtCraft Dental to deliver quality products, great instruments, and great ideas!” – Dr. Dan Carrier

“ArtCraft is now my primary place for purchasing dental instruments for my office. I always love what Dr. Fyffe comes out with. Great dentist and inventor.” – Dr. Ellen Nguyen

“Amazing instruments. ArtCraft seriously has innovative instruments for dentists.” – John Allamy

Ready to Upgrade Dental Instruments & Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

At this point, there is only one thing left to do – head over to ArtCraft Dental and upgrade dental instruments today. You’re just a few clicks away from transforming your practice – and you won’t regret it. We’re so confident of that, in fact, that we offer a 60-day free trial period with our tools. 

On top of all this, you’ll also enjoy ultra-affordable direct-to-dentist pricing, fast + free shipping, and free returns if something isn’t quite right. What more could you ask for? Get new dental instruments today!

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