What Material are Dental Forceps Made of? (and Why It Matters More Than You Think!)

What Material are Dental Forceps Made of? (and Why It Matters More Than You Think!)

Wondering what material are dental forceps made of? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we will highlight the most common materials used across the industry for extraction forceps. And, we’ll talk about why carefully considering the materials your forceps are made of cannot be overlooked.

Chances are, you’ve dealt with your fair share of stressful, time-consuming, and cumbersome extractions. We’ve got good news – by the end of this article, that will be a thing of the past. You’ll never have to dread extractions again. Before we explain how that’s possible, let’s get into the topic at hand – why your dental forcep materials matter so much. 

Why Dental Forceps Materials Matter So Much

If your dental forceps perform the task at hand, then it doesn’t really matter what material they’re made of…right?


We don’t have to tell you what sort of wear and tear your dental instruments are put through – they’re used regularly and are subjected to the sterilization process can wear them down, too.

But, more specifically, it’s important to choose the right dental forceps materials for two reasons. 

First and foremost, the materials your tools are made from dictate the longevity they offer. When investing in your dental instruments you want to get the best bang for your buck. But as you can imagine, certain materials degrade and dull faster than others. 

By analyzing the materials your tools are made from and shopping accordingly, you can kick the can further down the road and get more use out of the tools, increasing ROI. And, preventing wasted time sourcing inventory.

Perhaps more importantly than this, though, the materials you use in your forceps influence their likelihood of breaking during a procedure – every professional’s worst nightmare. 

Picture this – you’re right in the middle of a stressful extraction with a really stuck tooth. As you apply more force, you not only cause more pain and discomfort for the patient – but you also increase the risk of the forceps prongs breaking off in your patient’s mouth. This not only means you have to replace the instrument sooner than anticipated – it means interruptions to your schedule that day as you scramble to find replacement forceps. 

Beyond just being inconvenient, this is just plain unprofessional. Word will spread from disgruntled patients who have to live through this experience. 

We say all this not to scare you – but rather to show you the gravity of the situation. All of this can be avoided through proper materials selection. It’s obvious that not all dental forceps are created equal…so – what materials are dental forceps made of?

What Material are Dental Forceps Made of? Evaluating Different Options Across the Industry

There are two types of instruments out there – cheap dental tools and the best dental tools. They vary significantly in terms of what materials they’re made from. Cheap forceps are typically made from a low-grade carbon alloy with a low chromium content. It should go without saying that none of us want our instrument to rust, but metal with a low percentage of chromium will do just that – they will rust. 

While carbon alloy does offer strength initially, this material wears down and dulls quickly. It’s more sensitive to chemicals and corrosion – and, these types of tools require special handling.

As such, the premier material choice for dental forceps – and frankly, all dental instruments – is stainless steel. But not just any stainless steel will do – only the finest stainless steel possible. While many manufacturers still use American-made stainless steel, this type is less durable than German or French stainless steel alternatives.

What Material are ArtCraft Dental Dental Forceps Made of?

At ArtCraft Dental, you’ll gain access to the strongest, most innovative dental instruments in the USA. Our tools are designed by dentists, for dentists – as we’ve experienced the very same pitfalls that you have. As a result, we’ve made it our mission to develop instruments that stand the test of time and offer unprecedented reliability.

In order to do that, we carefully craft our dental forceps from the highest-quality 420 surgical French stainless steel. This specific material is as strong as it gets – more durable than anything else you can get your hands on. 

Thus, by investing in these tools, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment will outlast the alternatives, stretching your investment longer and longer. And, you’ll never have to stress about broken or dull instruments during an extraction again. 

But, the dependability of our instruments is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to get the best dental extraction forceps at ArtCraft Dental…

Other Features That Set Our Forceps Apart From the Rest

There is no better choice for predictable, stress-free extractions than the ArtCraft Dental TraXion™ Forceps. When comparing our invention to typical types of dental extraction forceps, ours are more ergonomic and optimized for proper grip. 

We’ve addressed the common problems with traditional forceps by engineering a unique, serrated beak design – allowing you to lock onto teeth with confidence. Frustration from slippage will be a thing of the past with these in your arsenal. And because of the serrated grip, tooth movement is fully synonymous with tooth movement. 

Our customers say it better than we do, though…

“All other forceps I’ve had do not grip the tooth properly due to poor beak design. These are great! Well designed and high quality.” – Dr. Lee Family Dentistry

“These are the only forceps I use now. They really grab and hold – I love them!” – Dr. Brian Nguyen

“I highly recommend for any dentist with old style forceps to upgrade to these.” – Dr. Wayne Lee

Ready to Experience the ArtCraft Dental Difference Firsthand?

As you now know, there are various materials dental forceps are made of – but if you’re after the best of the best, stick with surgical-grade 420 German or French stainless steel. These materials are more durable and allow you to lock onto teeth with confidence – no slippage, no instrument failure. 

And to make them even easier, you can pair the forceps with our dentist elevator tool. Widely considered to be the best dental elevator by other professionals, this will help you loosen the tooth and prepare it for extraction – with as little risk of root tip damage or other oral trauma as possible. Compare our dental elevator vs luxators or other similar instruments and see the difference yourself.

In our catalog, you’ll also gain access to the most effective, efficient crown spreader, temporary crown remover, root elevator, and much, much more – all with incredibly affordable direct-to-dentist pricing. 

On that note, it’s time to head over to our catalog and upgrade to the finest instruments the industry has to offer. We’re so confident you’ll recognize the value in our products that we back them up with a 60-day free trial period. So – invest in your practice now and experience the ArtCraft Dental difference firsthand!